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Event Security

At Lorrac Associates, we believe Event Security is about so much more than putting bodies on the ground.

When planning an Event of any nature, from Private Functions to large scale Public Events, having the right security operatives in the right places can mean the difference between success and failure.

Security staff can typically find themselves in contact with guests and the attending public more frequently then any other person involved in the event, and as such can have a huge influence on the attendee’s perception of the day. For this reason alone, having the right security personnel in place is essential when considering the make up of your security team.

Lorrac Associates event security operatives are chosen using a vigorous and thorough vetting procedure during the recruitment phase. Each member of the team is selected following an in-person interview, subject to a comprehensive in-house training program and finally selected according to task.

We believe that this process helps us to highlight the individual strengths of every operative we provide, offering our clients all the benefits of an effective, professional security team, whilst ensuring their guests and attendees are treated with the respect and courtesy that a successful event requires.

If you would like to find out more about how Lorrac Associates can assist you with event security personnel, please contact our Client Management team who will be happy to assist you.